Welcome to Hydrix - Excellence in Product Development

Hydrix is an energetic and high-achieving design house specialising in the development of sophisticated, safety-critical products for our customers worldwide.

At Hydrix our purpose is to:


       •  Realise and develop the potential of our people

       •  Create exceptional technical solutions that drive success for our customers, and

       •  Grow the technology industry


To support our purpose, we provide a series of integrated engineering and related development services to our customers:


      •  Systems development


      •  Project and risk management


      •  Electronics, software and mechanical design and development


      •  Productisation and applied research


      •  Prototyping, manufacture and supply


      •  Quality and regulatory compliance strategy and support


Since our formation in 2002, Hydrix has cultivated an impressive engineering team extremely well-versed in the execution of demanding research and development projects. The resultant close-knit development environment at Hydrix provides a highly-optimised value chain, enabling clients to bring the right product to market and to do so fast.


This has resulted in the successful delivery of 200+ projects to more than 80 Clients, with a greater than 90% rate of repeat business.

The engineering energy at Hydrix is very much a holistic achievement centred on the following core principles:

Understand what the Client needs: with such an understanding the resultant product will deliver the perceived integrity so evident in the concept prior to its realisation. It is well recognised in the product development world that poor product performance (usability, function, performance, market penetration, etc.) can be traced back to poor understanding of the original concept and the Client's true needs. Moreover, once Hydrix has a deeper understanding of a Client's needs and business focus, we are able to propose new and innovative product concepts to support the future growth of our clients.


Deliver only what the Client needs: for any product to realise its full potential it is paramount that it embody the concept envisaged by the Client. To deliver any less and it will fail to meet expectation. To exceed that concept in any unnecessary way is only likely to cost more to develop and delay the timely release of the product into what may already be a very tight marketplace where timing is everything.

Prove that what is being delivered meets expectations: ultimately all products are judged by their intended market – some will fail, some will succeed, but few will truly soar. Waiting until a product is complete only to find that it does not meet expectation is a costly affair and one that Hydrix believes is to be avoided. Instead the focus is to be on numerous high-quality, confidence-building releases that demonstrate the perceived integrity of the product-to-be.

Hydrix thrives on undertaking tough projects and executing them in a flexible and collaborative environment where each stakeholder can bring their valuable perspective to the table. It is only within such an environment that product concepts are grown and developed to reveal their full potential.