Business Technology

The wide ranging business technology market is linked to the need for innovative and well-priced devices that require a high level of reliability. Hydrix has considerable experience designing and developing a wide range of devices for this industry that meet these requirements.





Hydrix has developed many products for the business market including telecommunications devices & systems, and monitoring & control equipment.


Many of the projects are characterised by:


      • Integrated wireless connectivity in both regulated and unregulated bands (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth,                GSM etc)


      • Low power or battery powered devices


      • Inbuilt GPS


      • Physical and electronic security


      • Cutting edge industrial design



Industry Memberships


Hydrix is a member of the Australian Industry Groupthe peak employee industry association. It is also a member of the Australian Industry Group’s Technology, Hardware and Equipment Member Reference Group and the Software and Services Reference Group.


Hydrix is a member of Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation, the major industrial control body in Australia.


Hydrix is also a member of the Australasian Industrial Research Group, the peak body for managers responsible for technological innovation and Research and Development.