Hydrix has an enviable track record of designing products and systems for a wide range of industries, from relatively unregulated sectors such as consumer products through to often complex and highly regulated industries such as medical, mining and automotive.


Our world class engineering team combined with our expert industry contacts provide an accelerated electronics development process fine tuned for our Client's industry sectors and business needs.



Our detailed design process is thorough and methodical. Supplemented with a thorough understanding of standards requirements and the compliance landscape, Hydrix covers all bases relevant to our Client's products & industry to meet optimum performance, technology, safety, EMC, reliability, environmental, manufacturing and service needs.


The Hydrix team possess broad electronics design skils with experience designing digital, analog, RF, and power systems on every scale and in all combinations. The Hydrix team understand where the difficulties, costs and complexities can lie in electronics design.  We know the physics and the industry and are up to date with commercialisation of electronics technologies. The Hydrix team deals in electronics facts, not  assumptions or guesswork.


Hydrix can develop using commercial off the shelf (COTS) modules to get our Clients to market in the shortest possible time, develop bespoke systems to acheive the absolute lowest manufactured cost or we can deliver the best compromise of each approach based on our Client's business needs.


At Hydrix we fully document our designs against product requirements, encouraging a team based approach to knowledge sharing and design. All projects undergo design reviews at relevant stage gates. Not only are a fresh set of eyes invaluable but the shared knowledge and understanding reinforces the skills of the team. Meticulous design documentation also ensures 100% coverage of the design intent, and when it comes time for IP transfer to take place between technical staff the process is seamless.


Design documentation is used to assist in developing design verification plans providing 100% test coverage that is executed on prototype designs. Our comprehensive design coverage results in Alpha prototypes that work. Hydrix 'get going' on the first design iteration and that means our Client's projects 'hit the ground running' .  Whether it's software development, clinical trials, or integration tests, Hydrix aim at allowing our Client's to gain access to prototypes that are as close to working as is practically possible on the first attempt.