Productisation & Applied Research

The Hydrix team has considerable experience working on unique technology projects in patent intensive industries. Consequently our software developers and senior engineers understand complex IP in new domains. They are also often called upon to take existing IP, reuse it and make it commercially robust. To help achieve these outcomes Hydrix has developed and honed strategies for the effective transfer of IP.


Hydrix regularly undertakes applied research assignments for its clients. These projects require intensive systematic, theoretical and empirical study, focussed on problem solving or the practical application of new knowledge.

Recent applied research assignments Hydrix has been engaged to complete include: 


      • The development of an enhanced geo-location tracking algorithm for use with commercial off-the-           shelf GPS devices


      • The development of a patented noise reducing digital signal processing algorithm


      • The design and development of the world's first mobile EFTPOS terminal to be accredited to                    Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device standards (PCI-PED)


      • The creation of an innovative circuit design to achieve an order of magnitude improvement in RF            stability for a remote test probe


      • The design of an ultra low noise analogue based biomedical point-of-care test device using                      commercial chipsets


      • Design and development of a real time movement tracking and activity analysis system requiring             very low bandwidth and processor overhead


      • Design and development of self cooling, extra-small form factor embedded device


      • The provision of analysis and design recommendations for a finely calibrated volume                                measurement fluid nebulising device

Our broad applied research expertise encompasses literature research, IP investigation, bench research, fast track domain learning, mathematical modelling, empirical testing and analysis as well as practical application of research findings.

Hydrix also has the capability to reverse engineer existing products as well as innovate around existing competitive patent families to ensure our Client's projects do not infringe existing offerings. In our experience this also enhances the potential for the creation of new, often patentable IP for our clients.