Protoyping, Manufacture and Supply

Many of the engineers at Hydrix come from manufacturing backgrounds and consequently have a sound understanding of the practical implications of design alternatives. We use this experience to design for low labour content and reduce the risk of faulty products.



As Hydrix can design the manufacturing process as well as the embedded product, our engineers are extremely well versed in current and emerging design for manufacture methodologies. We work closely with contract manufacturers to ensure - where possible - the latest innovations in manufacturing, including lean manufacturing operations and principles, can be implemented to reduce costs and improve through-put for our clients.


Hydrix has its own internal manufacturing group which develops Client project prototypes for test and QA purposes. Hydrix can also manufacture and supply products ready for commercial release.


The Hydrix team has extensive hands-on experience working with and managing a wide range of contact manufacturers in Australia and Asia. Thus Hydrix can also fully manage the manufacturing relationship on behalf of a Client including negotiation and contractual arrangements as well as supply chain requirements.