Medical / Scientific

Hydrix has broad experience in developing integrated systems and standalone devices for use across healthcare, clinical, laboratory and other heavily regulated medical and laboratory environments. The following products are examples of recent devices and systems that Hydrix has designed and developed through to production for a range of global clients.



Healthcare and Medical Devices



In-Chest Mounted Heart Beat Assist Technology - FDA Class III, Software Class C, High Risk Device. Currently in Clinical Trials.




Advanced Diabetes and Coagulation Dry Strip Testing - Products Distributed Globally by Siemens and Johnson & Johnson. Five year+ Design Relationship



PeriCoach -  World's first smart integrated Perineometer System to assist women in maintaining pelvic floor health














MEMS based RFID tracking - Used to monitor the movement of medical supplies

Wearable transcutaneous electrical stimulation technology

Real-time neural signal capture and analysis system




Scientific and Laboratory Instrumentation












Prototype induction heater (c) Bluechiip 2012

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) redesign for obsolescence

Automated hospital grade instrument sterilisation device