Industrial and Mining

Reliable, robust ‘must-work’ products are required by organisations that operate in the harsh environments that exist in the mining and industrial sectors. Hydrix has the capability and a proven track record in designing and engineering systems and devices for these industries.


The Hydrix team has developed systems and devices for a wide range of mining and industrial uses including manufacturing, rail, automotive, communications, renewable energy, power generation and utilities.

Hydrix’s experience and core skill set in developing high quality software and designing robust devices is particularly relevant to the resources sector. Mining companies use many devices that require automation, WiFi monitoring, remote control, communication and process monitoring.

Recently completed Client projects include:


      • M2M server side architecture and wireless data communication network


      • Integrated GPRS Modem, GPS and digital radio IO into a constrained form factor used in adverse

         environments where there are high levels of vibration and dust


      • Remote flow sensing network with wireless server connectivity and Google maps display interface


      • Wireless call centre communications hub


      • Transformer substation scada system


      • Systems architecture for electric vehicle recaharging


      • Advanced stepper motor control system for CNC machines


      • Technical specification for P25 Security services wireless communications system

Industry Membership


Hydrix is a proud member of the Institute of Instrumentation Control & Automation, the major industrial control industry association in Australia and the Australian Industrial Research Groupthe peak body for Managers responsible for technological innovation in R&D.