High Calibre Team

Simply put, Hydrix is its people. It is through the focus and dedication of our people, and application of their combined system and product development knowledge that Hydrix delivers world-class solutions to its clients.


Hydrix has assembled a development team that combines vast experience of seasoned development professionals with some of the best bright, young and enthusiastic engineers just beginning their careers.

Our in-house team of 50+ degree qualified engineers have an average 15+ years of hands-on product development experience. Many also possess advanced qualifications, including more than 20 First Class Honours and Masters qualifications and multiple PhDs in a variety of fields. This potent combination creates a development environment where the thinking is vibrant and fresh yet, essentially, tempered with a voice of learned, hard-won experience.


The Hydrix brand and its values insist that each member of the team is a highly-capable engineer with a proven track record in delivering systems and product development solutions in an environment with significant technical and commercial demands.