Project & Risk Management

At Hydrix  the successful application of the project management function results in delivery of the project goals:


      • On schedule

      • Within budget

      • In accordance with the requirements



Project management activities begin as early as the initial project concept and proceed to accompany and guide the development all the way through to delivery and onwards into the operations and maintenance of the deployed product.


Hydrix takes a flexible view to applying process to its projects. Sometimes the feature set of the product is being matured whilst the product is being developed, in which case Hydrix works in conjunction with the Customer within a lean and flexible framework. Other projects may be more fully specified and firm project budget estimates are required as early as possible. Regardless of the project maturity at commencement, Hydrix's proprietary product development process provides the flexibility to meet the requirements of our Clients' business needs.


Regardless, Hydrix identifies the largest technical risks at the beginning of the project, and addresses these first, so that confidence in the outcome is increased for the minimum investment for our Clients. We continually monitor the risks that threaten a successful outcome, and instigate actions to avoid, mitigate or minimise the impact of those risks.

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to work closely with the Client team over the life of the projects. The PM's role is to ensure a robust communications conduit exists between the Client and the Hydrix development team as well as acting as the Client's advocate on all project matters.