Registered Research Service Provider

Hydrix is a Registered Research Service Provider (RSP), number 43660, as defined under the Industry Research and Development Act 1986 (Cth).



To achieve RSP accredited status, Hydrix has been assessed by the Federal Government as a capable and professional engineering design provider that delivers high quality outputs. Eligible classes of research and development activities under the Australian Standard Research Classification that Hydrix has been assessed as being a high quality provider include:


      • 2801 - Information Systems


      • 2803 - Computer Software


      • 2899 - Other Information, Computing and Communication Sciences


      • 2903 - Manufacturing Engineering


      • 2904 - Electrical and Electronic Engineering


      • 2905 - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


      • 2916 - Computer Hardware


      • 2917 - Communications Technologies


Clients that use Hydrix's RSP accredited design and development services are able to access the full range of R&D Tax incentives provided by the Australian government.