Software development is a fascinating blend of creativity and engineering, coexisting within an industry still in its infancy: humans have engaged in civil engineering for thousands of years yet software engineering is only some fifty years old. Therefore, it seems outlandish that some of the most complicated systems ever devised by human kind are software-intensive in their composition, operation or criticality, for example, flight control systems, financial transactions, the internet, pacemakers, mobile phones and the stock market to name but a few.



Given the ubiquitous nature of software in today’s world, one might be lured into thinking that software development is easy, a trivial activity, but the truth is very much to the contrary.  The reality is that software development – good software development – is undertaken by teams of highly-trained professionals that combine many years of hard-won experience and know-how. A great development team understands how to create robust software solutions in response to user needs (needs that all too-frequently change over time). A great development team knows how to conquer and control the complexity that is inherent to any non-trivial software development – a development which may yield many thousands of lines of source code all potentially created anew. A great development team can successfully blend creativity and engineering discipline to develop software solutions that have user appeal and are robust enough to stand the test of time.


This is software development at Hydrix.


The Hydrix software development group has an enviable track record and brings a capability to Hydrix that is highly-regarded in the industry. It has successfully completed many software developments for a range of clients, products and sectors (including heavily regulated sectors such as biomedical).  This diversity is a key strength as it equates to solid, proven experience and exposure – a breadth and depth in capability that is invaluable to any would-be Client.


At Hydrix a significant focus is placed on producing products that meet the Client’s needs and are proven to work. This is carried through to its software developments efforts using a suite of development practices that utilise well-established processes and techniques, allied with a healthy dose of software craftsmanship. The result is a deep, ingrained culture of producing working software rich in simplicity and integrity.


Hydrix knows software development and has the people and the skills to deliver proven solutions.