Systems Development

Everywhere one looks in the world systems are in operation. It is hard to think of a single thing humans do that does not require interaction with one system or another. They surround us and are part of our daily lives, but not all systems are created equal. The successful systems are those which exist in harmony with their environments, serve the needs of their stakeholders and adapt as necessary to continually meet their goals. Hydrix applies simple principles such as this to ensure its systems engineering delivers solutions that stand the test of time.


The systems engineers at Hydrix hold an impressive portfolio of skills and experience garnered across sectors such as biomedical, resources, defence, transport, telecommunications, mobility and industrial control. The requirement for high-calibre systems engineering work in these sectors is well-known and the collective knowledge and experience gained from such work provides the backbone of the systems team.

Hydrix is focused on the following success criteria for its systems development work:


      • The proactive management of system complexity and risk


      • Comprehensive elicitation, gathering and understanding of all stakeholder needs


      • Efficient analysis of the system requirements and continued stakeholder collaboration


      • Synthesis of the ‘right’ solution through selection of appropriate technologies to meet requirements         and of course a solution which can be delivered for an acceptable cost to the client


      • Thorough verification and validation to prove functionality and compliance


      • Delivery, installation and continued support for the stakeholders with on-going maintenance and             upgrades

The systems engineering management and multi-disciplinary technical processes span every step of the development lifecycle, from the concept stage and initial specifications through to operations and maintenance. The process focuses on the proactive management of risk and complexity and is geared towards ensuring the timely delivery of a technically capable solution that fully meets the needs of our clients.

In short, the Hydrix systems engineering team has a track record of delivering on mission-critical, security-related and safety-related systems - systems that often exceed stakeholder expectation in terms of functionality, performance, quality and affordability.