A strategic focus on cardiovascular technology

Our focus is on products and technologies that will improve the management of cardiovascular disease.

For more than a decade, Hydrix has been at the forefront of developing critical technology for clients who are developing total artificial hearts and heart pump devices.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death. It afflicts 14% of the global population. As such, the devices market is expected to grow to US$70B by 2027.  This represents a large & growing market opportunity for Hydrix.

We are building on 20 years of experience in medtech product development to translate this knowhow into establishing Hydrix as a leading cardiovascular technology company.

Ambulatory Monitoring Devices

$3.8 B

Global Market 2020

Estimated 2027

$6.7 B


$17.5 B

Global Market 2020

Estimated 2027

$26.8 B

Cardiac Rhythm Management

$20.4 B

Global Market 2020

Estimated 2027

$31.2 B

Cardiovascular Surgery Devices

$1.9 B

Global Market 2020

Estimated 2027

$2.1 B

Our cardiovascular mission

In our pursuit of growing our cardiovascular market share, we are focusing on building out our capabilities and reputation, our market insights, growing and maturing key aspects of our business

Our people

We are constantly seeking to improve our cardiovascular credentials through engaging with researchers and technologists, industry professionals and key opinion leaders in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. In addition to our design and engineering expertise, our team members seek real-world experience,  attending operating theatres, facilitating clinical trials, and exploring and implementing go to market strategies.

Our team seeks to be across the latest market trends and technology advances to ensure Hydrix remains at the forefront of CVD technology design and distribution.

Product development leadership

Hydrix is internationally recognised as the company of choice for developing control systems for Mechanical Circulatory Support devices (MCS) including Total Artificial Hearts (TAH), MiniPumps and Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD). We work with for medical companies in the US, EU and Australia, from start-ups to SMEs, helping them progress their technologies from the lab bench to animal trials, first-in-human trials and ultimately, market release.

Hydrix was also recently recognised with an International Good Design Award for our unique LUDO system, a platform technology that de-risks and accelerates client MCS programs, providing them with greater confidence in reaching their desired outcome. Learn more about LUDO


Growing our product sales and distribution business

Our objective is to have three or more cardiovascular technology products in the market by 2025, producing $50m of annual product revenues, and driving the Company’s growth prospects. In realising this objective, we have negotiated two cardiac products exclusive distribution deals.

Both products are unique in how they solve unmet market needs. In particular, the FDA-approved Avertix Guardian™  is the world’s only patient implantable heart attack alert system.

We continue to explore opportunities to acquire and develop additional MedTech products, enabling us to expand beyond 3rd party distribution arrangements. We therefore are regularly engaging in discussions with potential product partners.

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