ADLM 2024

Chicago | July 28 – August 1

ADLM - Peter can answer all your POC instrument development challenges

End-to-end Product Development

20+ years creating technology innovation to enhance health, safety and wellbeing.

The development of medical devices demands a multifaceted approach that combines technical expertise, regulatory compliance, and a thorough understanding of the clinical environment.

Talk to me about how we are streamlining the product development process through managing strategic alliances between suppliers and experts. We are successfully bringing together a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and resources that catalyse innovation, enabling faster iterations and more refined solutions.

Get ready to join us at booth #3870

Come and join us at the McCormick Place Convention Center for the 2024 ADLM Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo.

Discover more about our expertise and how we can help resolve your point-of-care development challenges.

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This year at ADLM, join us to explore how Hydrix is helping diagnostics companies resolve their most immediate and important product challenges. We call it our drag-and-drop strategy, where you select the specific development skills and capabilities you need to resolve your most pressing challenges.

This year in particular, we are focusing on our experience in cybersecurity compliance, and how we are helping medical device companies identify gaps, and then providing robust remediation solutions.