Global expertise in solving industrial, mining and defence challenges

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Development of industrial, mining & defence products

We apply our multi-sectorial experience to resolve challenges around artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT and connected technologies, user experience design and more.

Unique skills, training and expertise enable us to work across defence and industrial (mining, utilities, rail) markets. Our team has deep experience in the design of intelligent systems for sensing, monitoring, information collation and analysis. We are routinely engaged to develop ruggedised solutions, connected technologies, and safety critical designs to meet the challenges of our clients in these market sectors.

Hydrix has the track-record, the skills, and the know-how to develop market ready products and technologies fast.

Industrial products

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From wearable sensors to radiation imaging devices; process monitoring to communications devices; we are helping our clients bring challenging products to market.

  • Industrial design, graphical user interface (GUI), software architecture and thermal design for a device using compressed sensing technology to detect radiation.
  • Software, electronics, and systems engineering to help create world-first, real-time, drowsiness and alertness sensing eyewear.

Utilities technologies

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Through innovation in the IoT sensor space, Hydrix has developed a suite of specialised applications to better predict, manage and control various aspects of utility networks from a desktop or remote device. These include cost-leading IoT sensors which operate under harsh environmental conditions, including corrosive and explosive environments. Our sensors are suitable for integration into a range of utility devices including water and sewage.

  • IoT sensor technology developed for use in tough conditions
  • Ruggedised enclosures designed for a range of environments
  • Integrated graphic user interfaces developed for optimised network management

Defence & aerospace

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From complex avionics to battlefield communications; and electronic countermeasures to radar; or C4ISR EW Systems Integration; Hydrix develops more than advanced technologies. We deliver safety critical products and support high availability mission critical systems, compliant to the most stringent avionics and military standards globally.

  • Sophisticated Safety and Mission Critical embedded systems development
  • High level ruggedised engineering development to MIL-STD 810 and other military requirements
  • Land and Airborne EW inc Remote Sensing
  • Software Defined Radio development
  • FPGA development and integration
  • System and Safety engineering
  • Avionics

Mining solutions

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Our multi-market project experience enables us to undertake a broad range of projects in the mining sector. We have worked to improve technologies for drilling and blasting, minerals extraction and processing. Hydrix has developed breakthrough, technology rich project solutions to transform the mining industry including:

  •   Blast hole characterisation improvements
  •   Blasting technology systems
  •   Collision avoidance technology
  •   Inline pulp chemistry monitoring & mill performance monitoring
  •   Fatigue monitoring, personal proximity awareness & wearables

Case study

Design development of the CORIS360™ - the world's most advanced radiation imaging solution

Described as the world’s most advanced radiation imaging solution, CORIS360 is a game-changing technology that pinpoints the exact location of radiation sources faster and more accurately than before.

Hydrix worked with ANSTO on key aspects of the product development of CORIS360 including industrial design, Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, software architecture and thermal design. Our role was critical in enabling the device to meet the robustness and long-term performance required in such demanding environments.

“This is a great example of Australian innovation that will improve worker safety and operational decision making for anyone working in a radiation environment.” 

Shaun Jenkinson

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