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Transforming Lives with cutting-edge cardiovascular technologies

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Hydrix medical is committed to releasing new technology-rich medical devices to market that will help patients and medical professionals overcome cardiovascular health challenges.

Cardiovascular disease
A devastating illness

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death and places a significant burden on global healthcare systems. In 2019 it was the cause of one-third of all deaths globally and this number continues to rise.

Hydrix’s mission is to help tackle the global CVD crisis through the development and distribution of innovative CVD technologies and products that will transform lives.

Introducing the GUARDIAN®

Peace of mind for patients

We are proud to introduce the GUARDIAN: The world’s only implantable heart attack monitoring and alert device. It removes the guesswork and stress of self-diagnosing a heart attack, and alerts you to seek health advice sooner than symptoms alone.

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Peace of mind for patients

Part of our company’s mission is to bring to market technology rich products that help overcome cardiovascular healthcare challenges. This includes identifying products for distribution, through to developing our own technology.