CIED Remote Monitoring

Streamline Workflows and Improve Outcomes with Alert-Based Monitoring

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The universal platform to improve patient care and optimise revenue 

Implicity’s alert-based Cardiac Remote Monitoring platform provides a comprehensive solution for health professionals seeking accurate and efficient cardiovascular monitoring. Our AI-driven technology transforms and aggregates data from all cardiac electronic implantable devices, regardless of vendor, to meet your specific needs.

Designed by an Electrophysiologist, our platform addresses the exact pain points experienced in daily practice. With Implicity, you can easily manage your remote monitored CIED patients.

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Cloud-Based platform

Cloud-Based platform

No software to install and no update needed. You will always have the latest version


Intuitive interface

Implicity was created by an electrophysiologist for physicians. Our intuitive platform meets the operational needs of healthcare professionals


Available in less than 24 hours

See the data of your patients within 24 hours and start enjoying our smart-monitoring platform

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Accessible everywhere

 Follow the status of your patients anywhere and anytime. EU data privacy compliant, all our solutions guarantee secure access and data encryption

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AF Alert Management 09

AF Alert Management2

Reduce Alert Fatigue in AF Care

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Dynamic Revenue Automation

Achieve 90%+ billing compliance3 with optimized scheduling and auto-generated reports.

1. Number of patients connected within 2 weeks compared to no action. Based on Implicity data covering over 17,680 patients. 2. IM009: 2021. Manufacturer: Implicity. IM009 is a software as a medical device (SaMD) intended to be used as an adjunct of a remote monitoring platform to follow-up target population patients. Im009 IS NOT APPROVED IN AUSTRALIA  3. Jay Ganji, MD, FACC, Cardiologist, Piedmont Cardiovascular, November 2022.