Angel Medical Systems partners with Hydrix to develop unique heart attack alert technology

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Hydrix is pleased to announce that it has secured a significant development project with US-based medical device company, Angel Medical Systems Inc. (AngelMed) to integrate new and updated technologies into their Guardian System®.

The Guardian System is the world’s first FDA approved permanent implantable cardiac monitor with patient alerting capability for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) events. It includes a cardiac monitoring and alerting device that is implanted in a manner similar to that of a pacemaker. The system is unique in its ability to detect potential ACS events (including heart attacks) and alert the user to seek urgent medical attention even when a person has no symptoms or has symptoms that are not typical.

Hydrix CEO, Peter Lewis said: “We are very pleased and excited to have been selected to assist AngelMed in updating their Guardian System for widespread market adoption in the Asia-Pacific region. Hydrix has a very clear strategy in targeting cardiac technology development companies and being selected for this project confirms that our combined offering of regulatory consulting and engineering development services are compelling to the international Class III device market.”

Angel Medical Systems CEO, Dr. David Fischell said “We are pleased to have selected Hydrix to help us integrate new technologies into the Guardian System.  These updates will advance future sales of the Guardian System into global markets. Hydrix’s technological capability and regulatory skills make them an ideal development partner for us.”


Further updates: 
Hydrix Limited (ASX:HYD) (‘Hydrix’) has announced that it has secured the exclusive rights to distribute the AngelMed Guardian® System (Guardian) in Australia and a number of significant Asian countries including Singapore and Japan.

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