Radiation imaging technology CORIS360 wins two design awards

Radiation imaging technology wins two design awards

ANSTO CORIS360 wins Good Design Awards for design and engineering

Hydrix is pleased to celebrate that ANSTO’s CORIS360®, an advanced radiation imaging solution, has been awarded two Gold Good Design Awards from Good Design Australia in the categories of Product Design/Commercial and Industrial & Engineering Design.

Developed over a seven-year period and released in 2020, the portable CORIS360 can pinpoint the exact location of different types of radiation sources, faster and more accurately than ever before. The technology is applicable to numerous fields including national security, customs, nuclear operations and safeguards, and decommissioning of old nuclear reactors.

The Good Design Awards Jury described the product as,
“A sophisticated design that results in significant improvement in safety for people working in environments containing radiation. The form-factor is pleasingly minimalist and sleek and appealingly rugged. The innovation comes from the image processing methods used with reduced sampling and faster processing time. This device delivers high social and safety impact, and a significant positive impact on the environment. Its commercial potential has clearly been proved, as it is now being applied across a range of sectors, internationally. This is really impressive work and a standout example of good design in this category that deserves to be recognised. Well done.”

Hydrix worked with ANSTO on key aspects of the product development of CORIS360 including industrial design, Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, software architecture and thermal design. Our role was critical in enabling the device to meet the robustness and long-term performance required in such demanding environments.

Rosanne Robinson, General Manager, Business Development & Commercialisation, ANSTO said:
“It was a pleasure to collaborate with the Hydrix team on the development of the CORIS360. They assisted our physicists and engineers to refine what was a technical concept into a commercial product. Their experience and involvement in this project was critical in creating a product that is now designed with the user in mind, from deployment through to device operation. Hydrix has helped ANSTO Detection and Imaging realise its first commercial product, and one that we are proud to take to market”.

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ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and custodian of much of our country’s important science infrastructure, including the OPAL nuclear research reactor, the Australian Synchrotron, accelerators, cyclotrons and neutron beam instruments.

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