A platform that drives artificial heart development

LUDO Controller TAH

A unique platform to accelerate MCS development

To address the continued rise in cardiovascular disease, there is an urgency to develop smarter and safer mechanical (pump) technologies to assist or replace damaged hearts in both adults and children.

Hydrix has developed a first of kind Mechanical Circulatory Support ‘platform technology’ for emerging MCS innovators which they can tailor to meet their development needs, and enable them to both de-risk and accelerate their MCS device development.

LUDO is a customisable plug-and-play platform that provides critical tools to start your MCS pump development, then continue on your development journey, always allowing you to maintain focus on your core pump technology challenges.

Designed to control a range of pump technologies for any medical device design including rotary and reciprocating devices driven via electric motors, pneumatics or hydraulics. From research programs and early-stage pump refinement to clinical system development, the LUDO platform can simplify the process.

Hydrix Ludo
Image: Developer using LUDO with the mock circulation loop design control at Monash University’s CREATElab
ludo laptop

LUDO simplifies the development of your pump, motor & physiological control systems enabling you to accelerate your MCS system development

  • Rapidly implement performance testing of your unique algorithm
  • Real-time feedback and sophisticated data-logging
  • Flexible development options such as the ability to load algorithms from Simulink
  • Reference design for motor control so you don’t have to start from scratch

LUDO offers design flexibility throughout the development cycle

ludo development cycle

Getting Started

  • Design guidance
  • Tutorial how-to-videos
  • On-call expert assistance

Bench Testing

  • LUDO developer kit
  • Customisation and tuning
  • Your pump running in 4 weeks

Animal Studies

  • Advanced tuning
  • Additional H/W modules
  • Integration of physiological sensors

Clinical Trial

  • Clinical controller
  • 62304 Design control
  • First-in-human implementation


  • Design for market launch
  • Final User Interface design
  • Full system integration
Ludo designed by Hydrix

MCS developments have a wide and varied range of requirements. To meet these needs, Hydrix created LUDO with maximum flexibility in mind. Its customisation capability enables Hydrix to supply a ready to use controller development platform that can be fine-tuned using the LUDO custom user interface.

LUDO represents innovative steps in software and firmware design. Developers are able to run their unique pump control algorithms in an accelerated timeframe. The LUDO user interface enables testing flexibility with real-time feedback from the pump. Configurable physiological and pump control parameters are easily adjusted via the interface, and customised dashboards can be set up to monitor tests and trials. Meaningful data capture is provided enabling extensive analysis of the earliest prototypes and throughout the development process.

LUDO for medical devices

LUDO has applications beyond the MCS industry. As it is a combination of safety-critical electronics architecture, safety-critical software architecture, and a mature suite of software libraries, its architecture can be applied to a wide range of medical device and other industry applications, particularly where safety critical design is paramount, including defence, mining, and utilities markets.

Contact Hydrix to discuss your specific project needs and how the LUDO architecture can accelerate your medical device development.