Navigating the challenges of the healthcare robot revolution

Innovative Robotic Solutions

Understanding the Landscape of Medical Robotics

The medical robotics industry is at a tipping point. Challenges facing developers are broad including the cost of implementation, ensuring safety critical performance, hospital workflow integration, and slow uptake due to challenges of usability and training complexity. 

Hydrix is becoming increasingly active in medical robotics innovation development, addressing many of the challenges faced by companies entering the sector. We are combining our technology insights – drawn from our many hundreds of completed medical developments – with pragmatic commercial acumen, to deliver realistic and practical results for our clients. Our expanding portfolio of surgical and medical robotics projects is a testament to our development experience and our commitment to the healthcare market – a market we’re steadily helping transform across diagnostics, devices, and surgical intervention. 

Comprehensive Approach to Surgical Robotics Development

Hydrix adopt a ‘whole of system’ approach that considers all aspects of surgical robotics deployment and usage in our development activities. We consider the needs of all users – from surgeons to the nursing staff, to the patient and the hospital - resulting in devices that successfully integrate into diverse healthcare ecosystems, improving operational efficiency, and delivering meaningful improvements in the standard of surgical care. 

Our expertise lies in developing innovative solutions that assist in transforming surgical procedures, providing advanced automation and precise guidance to enhance patient outcomes. We are deeply committed to excellence. Our in-house team of experts includes industry–specific market insights, engineers and designers, regulatory advisers, nurses, and clinicians. This eclectic capability enables us to combine technical proficiency with a thorough understanding of the medical environment and deliver highly effective solutions.

A short selection of our approach to recent medical robotics development includes: 

  • Developing a broad and deep understanding of the requirements surrounding surgical (use) environments, and specifically catheterisation laboratories. 
  • When considering perioperative workflows in surgical environments – including patient prep and surgical use inside the sterile field- we analyse the risks associated with introducing robots into existing workflows. 
  • Investigating the use of comparative animal studies (robot vs. human) to de-risk the impact of robotically controlled tools. 
  • Implementing necessary electrical isolation requirements in protecting the patient from hazards resulting from electrically conductive applied parts (applied directly into the bloodstream). 
  • Integrating robotics into a surgical environment to interface with, and operate remotely and safely alongside, existing equipment such as C-arms, injectors, etc.  
  • Commercial considerations in integrating low-cost, off-the-shelf motion controllers developed purposefully for robot-assisted surgical applications. 
  • Analysing and designing workflow (both pre and post-procedure), as well as enhancing the overall user environment. 
Robotic Design and Development

Partnering with Hydrix: Ensuring Competitive Advantage

When you partner with Hydrix, you tap into a proven innovation engine that can help de-risk your project, accelerate your development, and drive your product to stay ahead of the curve – giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Robotic Development

Further reasons to trust Hydrix for robotic development include:

  • ISO13485 compliant design and development process and a certified QMS 
  • Deep experience in: 
  • ISO14971 compliant Risk Management. 
  • IEC62304 (& FDA) compliant Software development. 
  • IEC60601 safety & EMC compliance. 
  • Track record of Medical Robotics and related development
  • Highly credentialed with an established history of FDA/CE-approved Class II and III development
  • Access to first-tier hospitals and other clinical sites providing access to high-quality, cost-effective clinical trial sites. 
  • Access to the Australian R&D tax incentive, whereby 43.5% of each dollar spent on eligible R&D with Hydrix can be claimed by Clients directly from the Australian government. 

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare delivery. We invite strategic collaborations with industry partners,  healthcare professionals, and other institutions who understand the value of precision, efficiency, low cost, and innovation in today’s competitive landscape.

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