Introducing LUDO A unique platform to accelerate MCS development

Introducing LUDO A unique platform to accelerate MCS development

The societal impact of cardiovascular disease is huge.

Based on current World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics, an estimated 17.9 million people die through CVD each year, approximately 30% of total global deaths. For those with advanced stage heart failure, or damaged hearts, implanting Mechanical Circulatory Support devices (MCS) are often their best hope for survival. MCS devices include technologies such as Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD), which are attached to the heart to assist it in its function, through to Total Artificial Hearts (TAH), sophisticated pumps that replace the heart entirely.

cvd heartAs CVD has risen, so has the need to develop new, more sophisticated MCS devices that are smaller, more efficient, more reliable and more suited to modern lifestyles. The key elements of an MCS system could be classified as a portable power-supply, a controller, and a pump.

With 10 years of MCS development experience, specifically in MCS controller development, Hydrix has identified an industry need for a platform technology to enable MCS developers to focus on their core IP, the pump, while we assist with tools and platform technology to enable sophisticated control. Through a program of market insights and industry research, we have developed an innovative system called LUDO, a highly configurable pump controller platform, suitable for use throughout the development cycle, including early-stage lab testing, animal trials, first-in-human trials and commercial production.

Introducing LUDO

LUDO is tailored plug-and-play system built on a proven, safety critical architecture that provides developers with control and analysis of multiple variables associated with driving their unique pump, specifically control data and analytics made more accessible via a comprehensive graphical user interface.

ludo laptopKey features that LUDO enables include the ability to:

  • Have your pump running within two weeks
  • Run your unique physiological and pump control algorithms on LUDO hardware
  • Achieve clinical performance of pumps sooner
  • Focus durability testing on the pump, not the infrastructure
  • Achieve testing flexibility and collect real-time feedback
  • Achieve meaningful data capture & analysis in early development stages


Feedback from the MCS community regarding LUDO has  been overwhelmingly positive. They acknowledge that it significantly reduces development risks, resulting in reduced development time and cost, and allows a greater focus on the critical needs of the patient.

For more information on LUDO and its features, please click here.

About Hydrix:

Hydrix is a product innovation company developing FDA Class II and Class III medical devices for clients around the globe. Our unique team of designers, engineers, commercial and clinical & regulatory strategists combines to create market winning solutions that encompass financial, regulatory and clinical strategy.

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