Rugged Portable Power System Wins Award

Rugged portable power system wins award | Design and Engineering | Hydrix

REDARC GoBlock wins Good Design Awards for Product Design Sport and Lifestyle category

Hydrix is pleased to celebrate the recent launch of REDARC’s GoBlock Portable Dual Battery System, a rugged and sophisticated power system that is designed to meet the needs of 4WD enthusiasts and those who are simply heading off to the great outdoors with the need of a reliable power supply. The GoBlock launch has been met with huge enthusiasm and interest by the 4WD and Adventure community. Equally worthy of celebration is that the GoBlock was recently announced as a recipient of a Good Design Award in the Product Design Sport and Lifestyle category by Good Design Australia.

The Good Design Awards Jury described the product as,
“Sophisticated design that ticks the boxes for outdoor power requirements for tech-dependent customers. The designers should be credited for creating a rugged off-road Portable Dual Battery power source with integrated handles and multiple charging outlets that doubles as a spare seat. It’s a tough design and neat package that’s easy to set up and use, making it very useful in Australia.”

Hydrix’s engineers and designers were engaged to provide additional capacity to REDARCs’ in-house engineering team to develop a new electrical architecture for the battery system together with a robust, lightweight chassis for improved thermal and environmental performance.

The outcome of this collaboration has resulted in a rugged and sophisticated portable dual battery system with breakthrough performance. Its user-friendly format, simplified handling and operation are certain to make the GoBlock a winner for REDARC and their adventurous customers!

To learn more about REDARC’s GoBlock Portable Power System award visit Good Design Award

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